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LED Basic Timer/Dimmer 3600cm-480L,schwarz/warmweiss

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The Lumineo LED light chain Ricelight Compact is simply ingenious and individually... mehr
Produktinformationen "LED Basic Timer/Dimmer 3600cm-480L,schwarz/warmweiss"
The Lumineo LED light chain Ricelight Compact is simply ingenious and individually applicable. At this fairy lights shine micro-LEDs, which are not much bigger than a grain of rice. Its length of 7.5 m makes it ideal for decorating trees, shrubs, railings, Christmas trees and much more. It gives your home a Christmassy, ​​romantic atmosphere and is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in the dark season. The fairy lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and have a long life due to their micro LEDs, with low power consumption! The integrated 8 hour timer function enables automatic lighting, at the same time of day, for a total of 8 hours. In addition, you can individually dim the LED chain in 5 stages.

Length: 7.5 m
Supply line: 3 m
Illuminant: 350 LEDs warm white
Cable: green
Dimmer: yes
Timer: yes
Power / Mains Connection: 350x 0.064W / 3.2V / 2.4W InPut 220-240V 50Hz Transformer 31V JT-DC / 3.6V
Protection class: IP44 (outdoor)
Schutzklasse: IP 44
Zuleitung: 3m
Farbe der Leitung: Grün
Leuchtmittelfarbe: Warmweiß
Länge: 7,5m
Leuchtmittelanzahl: 350 LED
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